How does Prime Plastering quote for a job?

After initial contact we will arrange to visit your property for a free consultation, where we will get an understanding of your needs and what you are looking to achieve, as well as take any relevant measurements.

We will then provide a quote within 24-48 hours of the consultation, and available dates for completing the work.

All quotes are inclusive of materials and labour (which is calculated on a day rate and multiplied by the number of days required to complete the job). Our transparent pricing approach ensures that there no hidden extras for our clients.

We will book you in as soon as you confirm that you are happy with the quote.

What do I need to do before Prime Plastering arrives?

Please make sure that you empty the room, removing as much furniture as possible. If furniture cannot be removed, we can provide dustsheets to protect items as much as possible, although you may wish to attend to this yourself before we arrive.

What about radiators, picture hooks, curtain poles etc?

Please ensure that all radiators and other wall mounted items are cleared from the walls. If you are keeping existing light switches and sockets, please ensure that the plates are removed or stowed away safely (you may wish to consult an electrician). 

Does Prime Plastering clean/tidy up after a job?

We pride ourselves on our clean and tidy work policy, and ensure that we not only clean thoroughly after a job is complete, but also clean up at the end of each working day to ensure that any disruption and mess to your home is kept to a minimum.

How long does plaster take to dry?

Each plastered surface will normally take around 3-4 days to completely dry (the surface will turn pink when it is dry). During this time, you should ensure that the room is well ventilated with fresh air. Please note that attempting to dry a newly plastered surface too quickly (i.e. by hot central heating) can cause the plaster to crack.

How long before I can paint a newly plastered surface?

You should ensure that the surface is fully dry before painting. Ideally, you should leave a minimum of 5 days.

Tip: For best results, water down the first coat of paint to ensure that the plaster underneath retains its own moisture.

Do I need to take coving / skirting boards down?

If you are having new coving / skirting boards , then you should remove the old coving / skirting boards for best plastering results (we are happy to remove old coving / skirting boards if you require).

If you are keeping the existing coving / skirting boards, you do not need to do anything.

What are Prime Plastering days and hours of operation?

Monday - Friday; 08.00 - 16:00.

However we can work later, and on Saturdays if the needs of the job require.

What areas does Prime Plastering cover?

These are the main areas that we cover, although we are happy to travel to most places in Kent and South East London, even if your area is not listed.